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Awareness without action is worthless. 

You say you want greater self-awareness and fulfillment, but what are you doing to achieve them?  Just considering all your options may seem like an overwhelming obstacle.  In our one-on-one sessions, we’ll establish some perspective and identify the concrete steps to make lasting change.

You decide the direction and content of each session.  
You choose the topic. 
You’re in control.  

As a team, we’ll explore self-imposed limits.  We’ll isolate what keeps you from fulfilling your ambition.  We’ll identify where you feel stopped, where you’re succeeding, and how external circumstances affect your goals.

Please note, coaching is not for everyone.  
To capitalize on each session, I encourage you to have the following in mind:

    • Openness to trying new strategies.
    • Acknowledgement that a greater good exists.
    • Willingness to empower and leverage our partnership.  
    • Commitment to fulfilling your potential.
    • Desire for personal growth and self-awareness.
A coach is not the same as a psychologist.  Some topics are more appropriate for a therapist, while others are more apt for a coach.  There are certain circumstances where I may recommend therapy.  If I think you would be better served by another professional, I won’t hesitate to speak up.

After all, your coach must be invested in your success!


“Truly, Life Coaching with Wendy is beyond anything that I have experienced both in terms of results and how much I enjoyed our work.  I am still amazed at the very real, tangible results I achieved.  I count among them, a completely unforeseen and utterly perfect professional situation, a nurturing home environment, new friends and community groups, even a new car.   The tools and tactics Wendy teaches are not only powerful but refreshing and utterly enjoyable to use.  I looked forward to every session and always left feeling more confident, more powerful, and more alive. I truly feel I have been given the gift of a new life.”