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Extended travel abroad.

One of the few investments in personal growth that promise life-long dividends.

Years after two different round-the-world solo adventures, a six month honeymoon and numerous trips with my family, my travels still benefit my everyday life.

Travel gives us a rich opportunity to expand our horizons, stretch our comfort zones, examine our assumptions, and appreciate what we already have. In challenging ourselves with new sights and sounds, foods and friends, we invite more consciousness and creativity into our daily lives. With renewed energy and a clarified perspective, a trip’s end can mark the beginning of substantial change or a whole new life.

If extended travel abroad offers so much, why don’t more of us take the opportunity?

After concerns about money, many prospective ‘career breakers’ become bogged down in doubts about ever departing and the consequences upon return: “What will employers think? Will there be job opportunities? Will I be judged for taking such an extravagance?”

The ‘pre-trip’ mind cannot comprehend solutions to these ‘post-trip’ problems. Better to invest that energy in planning and preparing. If you’re not sure where to begin, I’d be happy to help you explore your options and process your possibilities.

The end of the trip needn’t be the end of the personal growth.

If the fresh wisdom, energy and ideas from a trip aren’t harnessed, they’ll fade, leaving only photos, mementos and stories to show for the time away.

Returning home can bring as many challenges as leaving. How will you infuse your growth into your daily life? What changes will you make, and how will you ensure that they stick? Where will you turn for a listening ear when it seems no one really knows what you’ve been through?

While your trip is unique, your dilemmas are not; I can help you make the most of your time away once you’re home.

Enrich your life with the wisdom, growth, and energy you foster abroad.

Having lived the joys and challenges of extended travel abroad, I’m intimately familiar with the pre-trip doubts and post-trip difficulties. As a certified Life Coach, I’ll help you assess and remove the obstacles keeping you from your trip and then support your expansion after you return. Together, we will create a structure so that the lessons last as long as the memories from your time abroad.

Let’s ensure your trip is a prominent milestone on your life’s journey. Contact me today.


“During this time working with Wendy I figured out some things about myself that have never made sense to me.  Having her as my coach was like looking into a mirror and expecting to see myself the way that I do in everyday life, but when I began to look I was revealed something completely different and more amazing.  I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to strengthen their love for themselves and create greater depth in their relationships.  She gently lifts those pesky survival mechanisms that hold us down.  She is truly amazing."