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I am constantly amazed at the power of the human mind.  

Consider all the whimsical wisps of thought that have formed into reality.  
Invention.  Achievement.  Success.
We all possess enormous potential.  Unfortunately, sometimes we use our energy to create a self-fulfilling cycle of doubt, uncertainty and powerlessness. 

There is a greatness within you patiently waiting to bloom.  After we acknowledge its existence, we’ll focus on nurturing its vast potential.  In doing so, you’ll foster greater choice, opportunity and possibility in your life.  As a Life Coach, I’m dedicated to helping you fuel your potential; transforming your dreams into goals, and your goals into reality. 

Since I promote ongoing development, I practice it by constantly asking myself ‘What can I learn here?’  After earning my honors degree in Psychology from George Fox University, I was committed to expanding my view of the human experience by working with disadvantaged populations like at-risk youth, the homeless, adults learning to read and write and recovering addicts.  In 2004, I focused my development in a year-long intensive coach- and leadership-training course with Accomplishment Coaching.  Since then, I’ve supported hundreds of people to reinvigorate their ambition and rediscover themselves.  There is nothing else I would rather do.

I credit my coaches, past and present, for my success and fortune.  Thanks to their support, I have a loving, growing family, I’m an accomplished athlete, I’ve traveled to dozens of countries, I have a life and schedule that works for me.  I live the benefits of having a coach.

Even olympians, presidents and CEOs use advisors, mentors and teachers to succeed.  Don’t you deserve a coach to meet and surpass your aspirations?  

Contact me today if you’re interested in designing the life you want.


“During this time working with Wendy I figured out some things about myself that have never made sense to me.  Having her as my coach was like looking into a mirror and expecting to see myself the way that I do in everyday life, but when I began to look I was revealed something completely different and more amazing.  I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to strengthen their love for themselves and create greater depth in their relationships.  She gently lifts those pesky survival mechanisms that hold us down.  She is truly amazing."